Warranty Assistance

SolarRestore will navigate your warranty claim for you with our Warranty Assistance Programme

Most solar systems include separate warranties (usually 5-10 years) on each component and the solar company and manufacturer are obligated to replace components that fail within this warranty period. Navigating these warranties, lodging an application and following up the process can be confusing and take time.

SolarRestore can help simplify the process with our Warranty Assistance Program, allowing you to access your warranty without the headache. With our experience in the solar industry we can speed up this process for you and minimise your solar downtime. SolarRestore will navigate the headache of your warranty claim for you. 

Warranty claims typically take between 4-8 weeks and vary depending on manufacturer. Our team will contact you with any updates regarding your claim.  

System Shutdown Procedure

In the event of an emergency or if requested by emergency services you may be required to shut down your solar system. 

Locating your AC Isolator.
If your inverter is located close to your switchboard there will be a nominated solar circuit breaker located in your main switchboard or circuit board and grouped with other circuit breakers for your home. 
If your inverter is located away from the main switchboard the AC Isolator will be a locally mounted switching device next to your inverter labelled as ‘Solar/Grid AC Isolator.

The steps to shutting down your system are as follows:

1. Turn off Solar Supply Main Switch in switchboard and/or AC Isolator switching device adjacent inverter. 
2. Turn off DC Isolator adjacent inverter.

System Startup Procedure


The steps to startup the system are the reverse to shutting it down.
The steps to starting up your system are as follows:

1. Turn ON DC Isolator adjacent inverter. 
2. Turn ON Solar Supply Main Switch in switchboard and/or AC Isolator switching device adjacent inverter.

Important notice: In the event of an emergency call 000.
If unsure of the directions listed or the solar system is not adequately labelled please contact us. 
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Terms and Conditions 

SolarRestore offers the Warranty Assistance Program in Australia for most single and three-phase inverters. If your inverter is not found on the
drop down in the form above please contact us on 1300 586 646 for assistance.

Please make sure you read carefully the terms and conditions below prior to submitting your form. 

Damages not covered under inverter warranty are: 

-Any physical damage or change of appearance
-Holes drilled into the inverter
-Melting of the AC terminal block
-Water damage unless through a fault of the inverter 
-Any other damage outside of general wear and tear
-Issues arising from other array components including but not limited to Solar Panels, Wiring, Connectors, Ac and DC Isolators. 

Please be aware if on day of installation or upon return of faulty inverter to manufacturer it is found to be any of the above, excess charges may be incurred. If you are unsure if your warranty relates to any of the above components of your system, or have any questions prior to submitting your warranty assistance claim, please don’t hesitate to call 1300 586 646 or email admin@solarrestore.com.au.

Once your new inverter has arrived please contact SolarRestore on 1300 586 646 and we will arrange to have a qualified electrician install your replacement inverter.